Sunday, November 11, 2001

Diary: 11/11/2001

Dear friends and family:

While it was a relatively slow week, we cannot express the excitement that we are feeling at this moment. The cars have been packed for a day and a half now, most of our cloths are in suitcases, and we are literally counting down the hours until the movers arrive. Tomorrow we start moving into the new house!

While we won't be able to sleep there Monday night (the boat shipment with all our furniture arrives Tuesday) we will still be in process, and that is much better than just marking time like we have been for 2 months. Wish us luck.

It also means that we might not be as responsive via email as we are normally. Leon is taking the entire week off, so instant email replies will not be happening.

Of course, we've pre-ordered the cablemodem connection, so once everything is in place we will have MORE connectivity and Leon can start updating the web site with pictures, stories, and maybe even some movie clips.

On top of all that excitement, next Friday marks the official opening of the Harry Potter movie. We will be flying to London on Thursday afternoon, we'll catch the changing of the guard (one of Debbie's lifelong dreams to see), and then watch the movie. Saturday we'll find something to do (grin) and fly home in the evening and.... unpack some more, we're sure.

Either it will be a welcome break in the unpacking process and we will return refreshed and invigorated, or else it will send us over the edge and we'll be formally institutionalized by Monday the week after. We'll let you know either way.

For those who missed it, here is our new contact information:

Adato Family
Chemin de l'Orme 14
1054 Morrens

Our new home phone number is 41-21-731-2328

For those who are interested, "Morrens" is pronounced "Mo-ron". Yes, we live in the village of Morons. Somehow it seems all too appropriate to be funny.

The weather here has turned colder, hovering around the freezing point. We had a quick snowfall on Friday, but it passed just as quickly and there is really nothing left to show for it.

The kids are being their usual wonderful selves. They are also very excited to be in a place that has room to play, run around, and get away from Mom and Dad!

Joram has started a growth and development spurt. He is walking much more, much further, and with greater stability than even last week. His babbling has increased, and he shows a lot more signs of understanding what is said to him. Please note that "understanding" and "obeying" are two entirely different words and should not be mixed. Just because Joram understands "come over here" does not stop him from giggling and running away. (ok, perhaps that's an overly athletic description. "dodders and careens from wall to wall" is more accurate). Debbie feels that this is a direct indication of Leon's DNA and bears no resemblance to her genome.

In any case, things are just moving along. Expect a long letter next week as Leon gives a frame-by-frame recount of the HP movie, plus the move highlights, plus whatever other insanity happens to catch us along the way.

As always, we hope this letter finds everyone in good health and spirits.
Take care.
Debbie, Leon, Heather, Isabelle, and Joram

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