Sunday, April 14, 2002

Diary: 4/14/2002

Dear friends and family:

Welcome to the first of (hopefully only a few) Schizophrenic Diaries. In these issues, you will hear about happenings from both the Swiss and US side of our lives. Hopefully in some kind of coherent order.

Back in the land of cheese and chocolate, Leon arrived home and found out, early Sunday, that all the windows and the cars were dirty. Really dirty. He didn't give it much thought until he saw the next day that many cars were equally dirty. After asking around, he was told it was sand. From where? The Sahara. I am not making this up. Apparently a wind blows across the Saraha desert, and picks up sand particles which flow all the way over mountain, hill, and dale to Switzerland. Sometimes, Leon was told, the sand is red. Go figure.

It has been a busy week, trying to get back into the swing of things at work, and sell off all the Swiss items which won't work or aren't needed in the US (microwave, TV, cars). He's doing pretty good, and we're down to just a few more items. Even one of the cars has a buyer!

Also on the "good news" side of the page is that Leon's replacement on the project, Martin, starts Monday. This means that he can get started training, and the project can continue on without a hiccough once he leaves.

Aside from that, the house is getting organized for the movers, who arrive on April 24.

From the world of the Blond Squad, Tuesday marked Heather and Isabelle's return to Solon schools. Their teachers welcomed them with open arms and everything got off to a great start. The girls were just happy to have some kids their age to play with, and that they didn't have to go house hunting any more!

On Wednesday, Debbie went to the new house and helped about 2 million contractors come in and give quotes on everything from paint and wallpaper to a fence for Tova. We're gathering the paperwork now and trying to set work dates so that we can get into the house as soon as possible after we take ownership (May 30).

Finally, it is good to know that the International Corps of Tooth Fairies is on the ball. They efficiently registered Isabelle's new location, and were able to find her on Saturday night after yet another tooth was yanked free. Isabelle performs this service of her own free will and with great zeal. No strings or doorknobs needed here!

Debbie had another chance to work in Isabelle's grade this week, since another teacher was out sick. All in all she's been able to move back into her routine as much as can be expected.

As always, we hope that this letter finds you in good health and better spirits. We are looking forward to the time (this summer) when we can open the doors to our home to you again.

Debbie, Leon, Heather, Isabelle, and Joram

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